Screen have freezen when alt+ tab button was pushed

Screen freezed, when I pushed alt+tab button in order to switch to another program. Sound of the game was still going so I guess it is a problem with graphic. This problem sometimes occoured with my previous laptop (lenovo with NVIDIA graphic card) and so do now. I had to restart my computer, because there was no other option. Game was in full screen mode. When the error showed multiple times, I Swithed into windowed mode as recomended in “How to report client related bugs” topic. Currently I also use NVIDIA graphic card(more in dxdiag).


I am sending the dxdiag and log file(both located in DxDiag zip file). There is no exception file or folder in SC folder.


I hope you will solve it. Good luck!

I have had this happen several times myself and just sign out instead of full system restart or switch virtual desktop and bring up the task manager and kill it but ofc this should be addressed. Computers are so fukn problematic that you can often not even narrow it down to what the exact problem even is.

My mouse cursor also disappear in full screen mode, so I just use windows no border mode.

What is screen mode you use? Fullscreen or windowed?