Screen all pixelated, cannot find fix, please help!

I absolutely cannot find a fix for a glitch I am having in game, it is hard to explain so here is screenshots and a video.


Note: My graphics card is a Geforce GTX 960M and I am funning in fullscreen max resolution.








Are you sure your resolution for the game is turned up? Try reinstalling and seeing if that works.

All other games work as expected?

See if the gpu fan is still spinning. If not, the gpu is physically damaged. All of my former nVidia gpus passed away incrementally instead of just suddenly quitting.

+TheDarkRedFox, Sadly, I reinstalled it completely multiple times, no luck. and yes my res is at max. As for +Dazarco, All other games run perfectly, I was playing Just Cause 2 and homeworld remastered at max graphics 50fps+

Also, when I have the chance, I will open it up and see if there is any physical damage as well.

PS, the glitch dissapears when I look in a certain direction, Then reappears If I look anywhere else, Also, whenever I shoot the pixels dissapear and reform around my my gun, like that section of the screen is turning on and off every time the trigger is pulled.