Scoring is off by a lot

Something needs to be changed for “bad games” to have less of an impact. My score went from ~1420 to 1360 within one playing session of 6 to 8 games.


Seriously? Granted, this was some of the worst matchmaking I’ve ever had (and in a lot of ways its more MMs fault), and I was solo queue in t3, but still. In a competitive game this shouldn’t be possible. That’s an insane margin, and if it stays like that, competitive pvp people won’t come to this game, period. You just shouldn’t be able to drop that far when doing your best, no matter what, in that short of a time period. 


So you try your hardest no matter what, and regardless, in a 90 minute time period you drop nearly an entire tier/100 points? Unacceptable. 

Don’t die as often and you’ll have no problems keeping that rating.


Your issue is lack of personal skill, not game related.

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ok so i wont play the game objectives then?  ftard! freaking seriously? that is your advice? if you have a bad team, make the team worse!!! ok, thats great for the game? right? if you have a bad team, make it worse!! omg. youre a genius and that will make the game better!! /effeing sarcASM

Its ok Starshot just do your best and go for the objectives dont worry about rating it doesnt matter for anything =D  Just try your hardest! Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything!



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