Scoring Change

Lately I’ve been unlucky, or found a trend with teams treating all games, no matter the mode, like a team deathmatch.

I feel scoring should be changed to resolve this issue, giving less for assists/kills, and more for whatever the game mode objective is.

All to often players with no interest at all in going after beacons, or bombs, just sit at the spawn and snipe, often outscoring players who have been capturing etc

Another issue is that when you decap an enemy beacon, under heavy fire, and get it to almost a cap, but die, you get nothing for it, and yet someone else coming along afterwards and pushing it for the final 1 sec or whatever it needed to be a cap gets all the points. I don’t believe thats right either, you should at least get something for a decap, as thats just as important as capping at times


also as a final note, it’d be nice to have a pvp mode where when you kill an enemy they join your team, until theres noone left on the other team, or a certain amount of kills runs out.