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**Eastern Mining Station has long been a disputed territory for several small cartels to control the local production.**

Small skirmishes never moved into open confrontation. Until recently, when the robbery of a transporter, belong to one of the groups, that marked the beginning of full-scale war for control of this sector.


To compensate combat loss, cartels calling on free captains and their groups to form the assault teams.





All assault teams will be unified:


1. Engineer

2. Destroyer \ Guard

3. Command \ Gunship \ Tackler

4. ECM

5. Recon \ Covert Ops \ Long Range Frigate


Every hundred captured points will be paid by the Cartel and the team, which will overcome all enemies, will receive an additional award.





1.  The tournament is held in 5х5 Single Elimination format, best of 1 (The Finale - best of 3)  and will be in Domination mode on Eastern Mining Station map. Required ranks 11-15, without any restrictions on modules and equipment. The team should be look like** :**

1. Engineer

2. Destroyer \ Guard

3. Command \ Gunship \ Tackler

4. ECM

5. Recon \ Covert Ops \ Long Range Frigate


2. 10 minutes before the start of the battle an observer appointed by the tournament organizers checks the status of all teams by contacting the captains through private messaging in the game.


3. The observer creates the battle room and sends passwords to the captains.


4. Server and team placement on the map is defined by the observer.


5. If the full roster of one of the teams is not assembled in a designated room within ten minutes after its creation, this command is automatically given a forfeit loss.


6. In case of a draw, a defeat is given to both teams.


7. In case of disconnection of one of the team members when loadin into battle, the captain of the team can request to restart the match after a PM to the observer, but not later than the end of the first minute of the fight.


8. In case of situations not covered by these regulations, the observer can resolve them at his own discretion.


9. The reward for each team member is 50 GS for each hundred of capturing points, regardless of the result of the battle.


10. The team won the first place, according to the results of the tournament, will recieve an additional 1,000 GS for each team member.


Starts on Saturday, August 13 18 00 MSK (UTC+3).

Attention! The number of teams is limited! You can register your team on Russian forumsрегистрация/

Rigistration will be closed on August 12**!**







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