SCL: rating locked



For a long time SC League teams have been fighting and figuring out who’s the best.
The Third League Season now comes to an end. It’s time to announce the start of the playoffs! So, at 28th of May ratings will be locked and the top 8 teams from the leaderboard will join the playoffs. The games themselves will remain available until the end of the season. Soon, we are going to announce all the details on the prize fund. Follow the news!


What does it mean?

  • Selection of teams for the final stage (playoffs) will be held at 28th of May. Captains of the best of the 8 teams will need to confirm their participation by sending confirmation in-game mail to the main organizer of the playoffs - Lafael. Once the application is sent, the team is fixed and can not be changed. If the application is not sent until the 30th of May 12:00 MSK , the organizers have the right to invite teams lower in the league table to participate.
  • In the period from locking the ratings until the end of the main event teams can continue to participate in rated battles and fight for a higher place without the possibility of going to the playoffs.The Finals will start on the 2nd of June.

During summarizing period the ratings of teams will continue to be updated (until the end of the season). So it’s not a reason to relax!

[Playoff regulations SCL 3](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/36899-playoff-regulations-scl-3/)