SCL: rating closed (discussion)


It’s nice that you’re trying to make Leagues this big, serious competitive thing… but I think we’d rather be able to play in squads with friends. You’re putting too much effort into making teamwork not work.

The mode is alled Capture the Beacons NOT Beacon Capture, idk how often I ahve to say it but you always write it wrong

This gamemode was bullshit. Let’s see who is the King of the Bullshit.

Naa this is not whort even to watch. 

Special weapons… really??? Looks kinda unfair to me! Give the best pilots unique weapons so they get even better!

Unless the unique weapons are cosmetic reskins of already-existing weapons, I forsee some serious balance issues that will need to be taken into account.

Usually "unique weapons either means they just get them before everyone else, or it is a simple reskin of a normal weapon at a high Mk level. Shouldn’t be too much to worry about. Though with the current way the devs re working I can’t be sure.

I like leagues, leagues are great, i wish we had them couple years ago though, but oh well. Granted there are couple of maps that simply not working with Capture the Beacon 5v5, and god knows how T5 destroyers destroy the fun in the future, but until then i’ll be enjoying them.

Nice to see some great rewards and general push to have it good and as long as those unique weapons just a animations/skins - just visuals, just like color schemas/stickers, I am good with that :))

 unique weapons are cosmetic reskins of already-existing weapons

they are

they are

Thank you for clarifying, Doom :slight_smile:

If my team gets into top 8, what will you do for server region? We have 2 south americans and 2 californians. Russia gives us 230-700 ping. 

If my team gets into top 8, what will you do for server region? We have 2 south americans and 2 californians. Russia gives us 230-700 ping. 

Playoff will be organised manually by Lezort, via custom battle, he can create room on U.S or Europe server, depends on your competitors

they are

Than it’s a great idea!

Everyone that was in a League team gets 9000GS?

Why did you postphone closing of the leauges? In an earlier post on 2 februari you stated it would be closed on the 15th of februari.( i would provide a link to that forum post but you have edited it and changed the date, i should have taken a screenshot) Suddenly you decided to keep it open longer? Is there a team you want to give a chance to get in there? This seems rigged. Also; server location is manualy chosen by Lezort depending on adversarys? So with other words; face a russian team you get a russian server… Also not a very neutral.

Also why did rewards drop so much since the first anouncement? You promised 200 000 loyalty from each faction, special titels, ship colouring and 100 mono’s for every team at place 1-8. Now sudenly there is no mention of it?


Look here;