SCL Pirate Raid: The Participants

All participants of the ‘Pirate Raid’ are now known!


Registration for Challenger teams was completed today, December 9. 14 teams in total will participate in the Main Event.


The first game day will be held tomorrow, December 10, and will be fully dedicated to games in group A. Sunday, December 11, will host group B games.  Each group has 6 teams. Teams will compete in matches ‘to first victory’ and meet with each opponent once. The three top teams according to match results will appear in the playoffs, where the winners of the latest Black List, Ninja and Team1337 have already been directly invited.


Group stage matches are held in two simultaneous queues according to the schedule

December 10. Group А 

Скрытый текст

  • 17:00 MSK (UTC+3)

Ave Albert - Tricolor Hawks (administrator  RefeereSCL )
CCCP – Muaddib (administrator  RefeereSCL2 )

  • 17:20 MSK (UTC+3)

DNO - STAR STORM (administrator  RefeereSCL )
Muaddib - Ave Albert (administrator  RefeereSCL2 )

  • 17:40 MSK (UTC+3)

STAR STORM - Tricolor Hawks (administrator  RefeereSCL2 )
DNO – CCCP (administrator  RefeereSCL )

  • 18:00 MSK (UTC+3)

Ave Albert - STAR STORM (administrator  RefeereSCL2 )
Muaddib – DNO (administrator  RefeereSCL )

  • 18:20 MSK (UTC+3)

Tricolor Hawks – CCCP (administrator  RefeereSCL2 )
DNO - Ave Albert (administrator  RefeereSCL )

  • 18:40 MSK (UTC+3)

CCCP - STAR STORM (administrator  RefeereSCL2 )
Tricolor Hawks – Muaddib (administrator  RefeereSCL )

  • 19:00 MSK (UTC+3)

Ave Albert – CCCP (administrator  RefeereSCL2 )
DNO - Tricolor Hawks (administrator  RefeereSCL )

  • 19:20 MSK (UTC+3)

STAR STORM - Muaddib (administrator  RefeereSCL2 )

December 11. Group B 

Скрытый текст

  • 17:00 MSK (UTC+3)

Lezorts Team - SPQL  (administrator  RefeereSCL )
Dojo  – Null (administrator  RefeereSCL2 )

  • 17:20 MSK (UTC+3)

Red Skeall Dron  - POCKOCMOC  (administrator  RefeereSCL )
Null - Lezorts Team (administrator  RefeereSCL2 )

  • 17:40 MSK (UTC+3)

POCKOCMOC - SPQL  (administrator  RefeereSCL )
Red Skeall Dron  – Dojo (administrator  RefeereSCL2 )

  • 18:00 MSK (UTC+3)

Lezorts Team - POCKOCMOC  (administrator  RefeereSCL )
Null – Red Skeall Dron (administrator  RefeereSCL2 )

  • 18:20 MSK (UTC+3)

SPQL – Dojo  (administrator  RefeereSCL )
Red Skeall Dron  - Lezorts Team (administrator  RefeereSCL2 )

  • 18:40 MSK (UTC+3)

Dojo - POCKOCMOC  (administrator  RefeereSCL )
SPQL – Null (administrator  RefeereSCL2 )

  • 19:00 MSK (UTC+3)

Lezorts Team – Dojo  (administrator  RefeereSCL )
Red Skeall Dron  - SPQL (administrator  RefeereSCL2 )

  • 19:20 MSK (UTC+3)

POCKOCMOC - Null (administrator  RefeereSCL2 )

*Matches can begin earlier or later, streams work in the ‘follow by’ format.

**You can monitor the situation in the league table of the group stage****here **. December 17 and 18 are the playoffs days.


By fighting in the tournament the teams will earn tokens that can be exchanged for prizes. The most important of them is the ‘green box’, which is comprised of Ellydium technology stolen by the Baron from their barges.  And of course, the ‘Hunter’s Trophy’ with the ‘Invasion’ coating!


Token earning:

AEbxawO.png Defeat in a battle - 1 token

ttLzxBI.png Win in a battle - 2 tokens

dhjwTTj.png 2-0 Victory in Play-off - 2 tokens

dhjwTTj.png 3-0 Victory in Finale - 2 tokens

dhjwTTj.png Entering Play-off from Black List Tournament - 12 tokens

bFJFexo.png Third place bonus - 10 tokens

fZFjIB0.png Second place bonus - 20 tokens

ZroTgnj.png First place bonus - 30 tokens


Special title for entering Play-off “ Leagues Finalist ”. Issued for the achievement “Play-off League Participant”.
Only a few can enter the top eight teams in this universe. Only a few steps left before the respect of the whole of humanity.

Special title “ Baron’s Elite ” who entered the Main Baron’s Event.
Throughout the season you had special privileges from the Baron, which was not easy to earn. Now people like you has his own distinctive mark - a sign of quality.

Special title “ Cyberlord ”. To win 5 rounds in a row.

A sign of skill. Your team is marked by the Baron as a model, and the rest are wanting to be like you!

Special title “ Pacifist ”. To lose all your matches in this tournament.
Participating in Baron’s tournaments is also a special honor. Even if you oppose violence and do not pursue the award.

1 place:
Special title “ Grand Champion ” 
Champion’s animated painting " Iceberg"

Скрытый текст


2 place:

Special title “ Champion ” 

3 place:
Special title “ Master ” 

Also, there’ll be a special rewards for the winners, which will be revealed on the broadcast!


Good luck, mercenaries! ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)  And watch the broadcast with us on  STAR CONFLICT TWITCH!

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Baron’s Elite





  • Lezort


  • RefeereSCL
  • RefeereSCL2

Streamers and commentators (ru/eng):

  • TtesportsLezort (Администратор)
  • Leto
  • xlMaXlx
  • CinnamonFake
  • Shotan
  • ORCA1911
  • TheSol

SCL Pirate Raid Day 1 has ended

Teams of Group A: DNO , Star Storm and Tricolor Hawks will continue their run to the Finale. 

Sunday  will be completely dedicated to the games of Group B. Watch the matches of Day 2 with us on  **STAR CONFLICT TWITCH **on 17:00 MSK (UTC+3)!


“Pirate Raid” Group B qualification had ended! Teams Null , POCKOMOC and  Lezorts Team  are going to Playoffs. The tension was kept until the last - opposition teams Lezorts Team and Dojo fought untill the last, and Lezorts Team surprised by a nice teamwork. We hope that the teams who made their debut in the tournament, SPQL , Red Skeall Dron and  Dojo , will continue to play and still surprise us with their victories!

The grid for the Playoffs will be built in accordance with the results of past competitions and the results of the group stage. Information about the schedule will be published on the forum in the News section.