SCL Pirate Raid: Super Finale


The group stage of the “Pirate Raid” was pretty interesting, and we saw some unexpected exits from the group. First stage couples of the Finals determined in accordance with the Rules of the competition, the results of group stage and Black List Tournament.

Final Matches (the Playoffs) are held in the format:

  • Matches the upper grid (except for the Finale) and the super final of the bottom grid - best of 3 (2 wins).
  • Matches the lower grid (except for the lower grid final match) are held in best of 1 format.
  • Super Finale is held in best of 5 format (3 victories).


The final stage of the tournament begins this Saturday, December 17 and continues on Sunday, December 18. Starting time - 17:00 MSK (UTC+3)

December 17

Скрытый текст

  • 17:00 MSK (UTC+3)

Ninja - Team1337 (administrator RefereeSCL2)
Tricolor Hawks - Null (administrator RefereeSCL)

  • 17:40 MSK (UTC+3)

STORM STORM- POCKOCMOC (administrator RefereeSCL2)
DNO - Lezorts Team (administrator RefereeSCL)

  • 18:20 MSK (UTC+3)

First match in round 2 of the Upper grid (administrator RefereeSCL)
Second match in round 2 of the Upper grid (administrator RefereeSCL2)

  • 19:00 MSK (UTC+3)

First match in loser round 1 of the Lower grid (administrator RefereeSCL2)
Second match in loser round 1 of the Lower grid (administrator RefereeSCL)

  • 19:20 MSK (UTC+3)

First match in loser round 2 of the Lower grid (administrator RefereeSCL2)
Second match in loser round 2 of the Lower grid (administrator RefereeSCL)


December 18

Скрытый текст

  • 17:00 MSK (UTC+3)

Third round match of the Lower grid (administrator RefereeSCL)

  • 17:20 MSK (UTC+3)

Upper grid Semifinal (administrator RefereeSCL)

  • 18:00 MSK (UTC+3)

Lower grid Final (administrator RefereeSCL)

  • 18:40 MSK (UTC+3)

Super Finale (administrator RefereeSCL)

*Matches can begin earlier or later, streams work in the ‘follow by’ format.

Spoilers about future updates ahead! Watch the game with us on  STAR CONFLICT TWITCH!

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SCL Super Finale is here! Only four teams are left and ready to do their best and win! 

The final match of this year will take place in “best of 3” format and determine the strongest team of Star Conflict League, the owners of the coating “Iceberg”, the title of “Grand Champion” and many great prizes! 

Watch the game with us Today at 14:00 UTC on  STAR CONFLICT TWITCH!