SCL: 'May Marathon'



For the third year in a row in May, the game world of Star Conflict hosts a traditional tournament — this time a modernized blitz will be held on May 8. The 6 best teams from the Star Conflict League leaderboard will compete face to face for their share of the prize pool.


Qualifying rounds

  • Team position in SC League leaderboards will be fixed at 12:00 GMT+3 May 6. The games themselves will remain available, and rating will not be reset.

  • Captains of the top 6 teams need to confirm their participation before 12:00 GMT+3 on May 7 by sending a confirmation letter in the game to TtesportsLezort.

  • If the application is not sent until 12:00 GMT+3 May 7, the organizers have the right to invite teams with lower leaderboard positions to participate.


Team distribution in play-offs

According to places in the league table:

  • The first 4 teams take places at the top of the table;

  • Teams 5-6 take places at the bottom of the table;


Schedule and play-off games

Games will be held on May 8

Matches can begin earlier or later, broadcasts are in the format of ‘follow by’. MSK (GMT+3) time is specified below.

  • 15:00 - Pair A (best in three rounds);

  • 15:30 - Pair B (best in three rounds);

  • 16:00 - Pair C (best in three rounds);

  • 16:30 - Games of the first, second and third round of the bottom of the table (best in one round)

  • 17:00 - Finals (best in three rounds);

*games of ‘May marathon’ will be held according to the rules of test SCL season play-offs, except for article 10.



May Marathon will certainly give you all the best matches. We will be broadcasting events with commentary in Russian and English on the official Twitch channels.


Distribution of awards among the winners of ‘May Marathon’:

  • Teams that participated in the ‘May Marathon’ get 40 monocrystals for each team member,

  • Teams that reach the top four get additional 1500 Galactic Standards for each team member;

  • Teams that reach the top three get additional 3000 Galactic Standards for each team member;

  • Teams that reach the finals get additional 15 neodium plates for each team member;

  • The winning team gets additional 8 enriched beryllium for each team member.


Follow the news on the results of the tournament on the official website!



Playoff matches should be played in the same composition and format, like in League’s matches: 5x5 in battle and 4 on replacement in a team.

Matches are going in ‘Capture the beacons’ mode

Playoff SCL official maps are:

  • Devil’s Jaw

  • Dreadnought Debris

  • Destroyed Station

  • Ancient Ruins

  • Ice Reef

  • Eastern Mining Station

  • The Source

First map (and a side on a map) in playoff should be chosen by team captain, who’s team is higher on a rating. Next map (and a side) should be chosen by team captain, who’s team have lost the previous round. To replay map is restricted.

Map should be created by representative of SCL Administration, or delegated.

Raiting Approval for 'May Marathon’
The six places are distributed among the teams, that have achieved the best results in SC League for two weeks: the first four places start with “upper grid” and two more teams start without the right to make mistakes. Open challenge - a difficult test, where is important to be dedicate and resistant to stress. Only the most persistent pilots can expect to win.
Teams, which have passed the Pre-selection:



  • Captains need to confirm their participation before 12:00 MSK (GMT+3) on May 7 by sending a confirmation letter in the game to TtesportsLezort.
  • If the application will not be sent until 12:00 MSK (GMT+3) on May 7, the organizers have the right to invite teams, which are fixed on the lower results of the rating table, to participate instead.
  • Games will be held on May 8. You can find the schedule and more information [above](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/30294-scl-may-marathon/).

Several major tournaments will be organized throughout 2016, which could be useful to the winners by the end of the year and during the SCL Global. Information about this competition will be a little later.

’May Marathon’ will take place today at 16:00 MSK (GMT+3)!



Four teams confirmed their participation in ‘May Marathon’ and they will decide the fate of the prize pool and the competition! 

The first pair (A): Top of the leaderboard, team eXe  (captain xlMaXlx, Russia) will hold a match against team  KJIOyHbI  (captain fix77, Russia) in “best of three rounds” format.

The second pair (B):  Red Sky  (captain d1vert, Russia) will fight against team from USA  National Aeronauts  (captain Mecronmancer), in “best of three rounds” format also. The loser will get to the Bottom Grid and will fight for the right to continue participating against the loser in the first pair (“the best in one round”).


The game between the winners of a pair of A and B, as well as Super Final, will also be held in “best of three rounds” format, and Bottom Grid games will be held in one round to the elimination (“the best in one round”).

Good luck to all the teams!




Start time of ‘May Marathon’ is transfered to 16:00 MSK (GMT+3)

’May Marathon’ is completed!

 Top of the leaderboard, team  eXe  (captain xlMaXlx, Russia) has become the winner.


They won the first battle against KJIOyHbI team (captain fix77, Russia), and then had to fight with the main competitors to win - Red Sky team. xlMaXlx’a team knocked them to the Bottom Grid, but Red Sky came out of the bottom and had an opportunity to give a rematch.  In result though - 2 : 0 eXe’s victory and they became the winners of  ‘May Marathon’.


We want to mention National Aeronauts team, under the guidance Mecronmancer, especially . Despite the uncomfortable morning time for US team, they met with no problems and were very single-minded.


The first season of SCL is close, and new challenges and matches are waiting for us there. Keep an eye on the news!