SCL Main Event ‘Pirate Raid’

**The strongest teams will participate in the Main Event of the year, and they will have the opportunity to purchase containers with unique living crystals and that's far from everything. Straight from Ellydium's black market!**

The intrigue does not end there. Baron and the Broker have a lot of surprises and they are all closely linked to the mysterious Signal source. But it’s too soon to share what has been deciphered! Too much is at stake. The Baron needs to supply his soldiers with advanced technology and pirates need to demonstrate what they can do.


The universal assembly of the best of the best has begun!




What does it mean to You personally?


For the Elite: the selection for the final stage began with the last  Black List tournament, and Team Ninja and Team 1337 have already received the right to participate in the playoff tournament.


The other Elite teams can only keep their status until the last tournament of the season, which will be held on December 3. After that, you need to confirm their participation to the in-game mail of TtesportsLezort. Once the application is sent, team roster is fixed and can not be changed. If the application is not sent before December 9 6:00 MSK, the organizers have the right to invite any team at their own discretion or distribute the place between Challengers;


For Challengers: Maximum number of teams in Pirate Raid — 7. This means that the slots remaining after the Elites can be distributed among the best Challenger teams based on leaderboards results.


Rating fixation for Challenger teams will be held on Thursday, December 7, at 23:00 MSK, and you need to confirm your participation in written form to in-game mail at TtesportsLezort**. You need to specify the team’s name, its precise roster as well as its captain and confirm that you’re participating in Pirate Raid. As soon as participation is confirmed, the team’s roster is fixed and can’t be changed. If the application is not sent after December 9, 06:00 MSK, organizers have the right to offer participation to any other team at their own discretion.**


Games for trophies from Ellydium base will be held on December 10-11 and December 17-18, approximately at 17:00 MSK.  The main event will consist of a group stage and play-offs. Further details will be announced later.

The best of the best will be able to get unique Baron’s titles ( ‘Baron’s Elite’, ‘Cyberlord’, ‘Pacifist’, ‘Baron’s Pet’) and SC League titles, as well as exchange earned tokens for valuable resources, including containers with living crystals, unique coatings ‘Iceberg’ and ‘Invasion’. There’s going to be a lot of interesting and useful stuff, that’s going to come in handy in the future of Star Conflict!



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