SCL Main Event ‘Pirate Raid’

**The Main Event which will draw the curtain on the confrontation between the best teams in the league will take place from December 10 to 18. Preparations are in full swing! And while the Baron's people prepare the Arena for battles, there is time to tell you what kind of trophies the teams will take back to their hangars.**** Like at the previous major event organized by the Baron, all the participants will get the opportunity to visit the League Store, which is already packed with trophies from all over the Precursors Sector.**


Galactic standards, living crystals, exclusive titles, rare components, and much more — all this will be available for purchase to each team that takes up the Baron’s challenge.


Each team will have the chance to get to the Main Event, regardless of their league. Any team that demonstrates their fighting spirit will be noticed by the Baron and receive an opportunity to participate in the tournament. Regardless of whether you are a Challenger or an Elite fighter — show your skill by participating in League battles, bravely battle the strongest opponents, aim to win, and then you will earn the place among the best teams in the League.