SCL Black List

Pilots! Main Event is just around the corner and the announcement will be published soon. Baron Elite Teams can now prove himself and earn the right to be invited to it. Baron wants to see only the most deserving, so the team that will be the last on the results of “Black List” will leave Elite and go to Challengers.


Saturday. November 12. 15:00 UTC.

Tournament’s Format

Скрытый текст

  • 5х5
  • Capture the Beacons
  • Eastern Mining Station


  • 8 Elite teams
  • Round Robin system for 2 groups:
  • First group: teams from 1 to 4 in Elite Leaderboard
  • Second group: teams from 5 to 8 in Elite Leaderboard
  • The Prize for the best team among the First group is an inventation to SCL Winter Finale, and 500 GS for the first place.
  • The Second group fights for holding up Elite status. The team with lowest result will go to the Challengers Leaderboard, and the best team will earn 250 GS. 


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