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Hello everyone! Once again this is your eternal science blog presenter Marcus Chromakeykus! Today, I go into the depths of Leviathan! Right now I am on the platform of ‘Ellydium Theta’ station’s passenger terminal. It’s a huge transport terminal, and special comfortable trains with scientists, engineers and workers are sent to depths of Leviathan every two minutes. My friend Conrad Dimeni activated a special pass for me to visit the deepest levels of the mysterious Leviathan. They say that somewhere out there, deep down there are still traces of the very first expedition of Dr. Pavlov! A train’s just arrived and there are a lot of people around me. It seems that a shift in the mines is over.

  • Hey, brother! Need Dart components?
  • Um… are you talking to me?
  • Yes, you, friend.Look what I got. Dart. Gargoyle. I got everything. Just be quiet. Let’s step aside.
  •  I don’t think I need those…
  • Yes you do, friend.Check out the parts, the ships! Got weapons too!  Rare resources! Take it, dear. Everything’s fresh! Tested! You’re not gonna find anything like it. Only I got these!
  •  I don’t know, I’d rather have some new shoes…
  • Everybody freeze! ‘Ellydium Theta’ internal security! Present your documents!
  • Run!It’s a raid!
  • I’m a journalist!A famous presenter! Where are you taking me?! I’m innocent!
  • Shut up, face to the floor.Cuff him!
  • Dear viewers.Apparently this is all for today. Watch us next week on the channel ‘Weird science! At the galaxy’s edge’. Stay tuned! I’m coming, coming. You don’t know who you’re messing with!
    Hello everyone! We’re back on the air with a special issue of the blog ‘Weird science! At the galaxy’s edge’. As you know, I fell victim to a misunderstanding and was arrested by the station’s security service. Just recently, the authorities apologized and released me. And even let me drink some tea! It turns out that previously all trade of precious resources was allowed only through official UMC channels. But a few days ago we were given a green light to exchange some resources directly between pilots. Not everyone is aware of these changes yet. Thank Bartle, my friend Conrad explained the situation, and all charges were dropped. It is, however, a pity that we never got inside the Leviathan.

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this is so random…

I guess it means we’ll be able to get BP for gargoyle/dart soon. 


6 hours ago, Swifter43021 said:

I guess it means we’ll be able to get BP for gargoyle/dart soon. 

A chance to get one… Appease Random Gods!

Dart and Goroyle parts are on the crates already, just not on the active ones. This is probably some fun bits with that new character.

“Weird Science” is the new I.N.N.

I liked INN better. XD