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After a long break, this is Marcus Chromakeen once again, the perennial host of this blog about science! I am sure you’ve missed new issues almost as much as I missed you, dear subscribers. Unfortunately, the past few months have been very difficult for me. The disastrous interview with Dr Parks, which ended so tragically, temporarily made it impossible to release new issues of the blog “Oh, my science”.


Fortunately, we can finally put this behind us. Ellydium Security is no longer pursuing me. These lovely and good-natured people dropped all charges of treason against me, let me out of the deep cells and even returned my equipment! As for the broken tooth*, I got it fixed thanks to the insurance issued to me by Dr Dimeni. An old friend did not turn away from me. And today I received an invitation from him and from Dr Matthew Gilmore to visit the “Ellydium” shipyard located in the orbit of the popular resort “Pilgrim-11”, one of the few planets that survived the Invasion.


Chromakeen: God, what a beauty, Conrad!
Dimeni: Yes, we have lost touch with beauty, having locked ourselves in our offices in the depths of Leviathan.
Chromakeen: But it is there that you are forging the sword, with which you defeat your enemies.
Dimeni: Haha, I’d say we’re growing it. But basically, you are right. Today we will show you the finished weapon of retribution. The pinnacle of our technology. Something that will change the balance of power and lead humanity to a decisive victory.
Gilmore: Slightly less pathos, Conrad!
Dimeni: Oh, Matthew, it’s you! I didn’t hear you come in.
Gilmore: Naturally, the latest tech is used even in my shoes!
Chromakeen: Speaking of shoes. Let me remind you, Conrad, Matthew, that you promised me a new pair…
Gilmore: Don’t worry, Marcus. You are going to get them, but a little later. We have spent all our budgets on your plastic surgeon. And the result is great!
Chromakeen: I’m not really a fan of the new nose, to be honest. But that’s no big deal.
Dimeni: Take a better look at the views from this orbit. How beautiful!
Chromakeen: Oh! I see your latest dreadnought “Defiant” in the shipyard. Has it already returned from a test flight? Why does it have holes in its side?
Dimeni: An experimental ship sometimes needs experimental repairs, my friend. Take a better look at this.
Chromakeen: Oh. Wow! Is this your famous new destroyer? It’s amazing. And what can it do? At it again with your timey-whimey business?
Gilmore: Much better than that, Marcus! Now several pilots will be able to join forces with the destroyer and use it as a combat platform. And the ship itself can instantly move over considerable distances, making short hyper-jumps. However, this is not the ship’s main feature. It’s the unique “Swarm”.
Chromakeen: Swarm? Like when the bees go buzz-buzz-buzz?..
Dimeni: Ha-ha-ha, what a laugh, Marcus, what a laugh. But there is a certain similarity. Our “Swarm” is a blade. The sting that kills. And a shield that can cover not only itself but also a support squad. Our “Swarm” unlocks the new abilities of xenocrystals that have become available to humanity. The pinnacle of our research!
Gilmore: So dramatic once again, Conrad. You are not on the board of directors. But you’re certainly right about something. Our “Swarm” can do almost anything. We do not yet know the extent of its capabilities ourselves. It very well may be an absolute weapon.
Chromakeen: Isn’t it dangerous for us? Conrad, Matthew? I remember how your technology ruined my shoe…
Dimeni: Here we go with the shoes again, Marcus. Patience. We remember about you. And unless you get thrown into one of our security cells again, very soon we are going to invent crystals that will turn into shoes! I promise you will be the first to get them.
Chromakeen: I’ll take you up on this one, Konrad! That’s all for today.

Remember, science works wonders! Watch us in a week. These were the special guests — Marcus and Conrad. Stay tuned!

*Unfortunately, the previous issue of the blog “Oh, my science” was withdrawn by the internal security service of the Ellydium Corporation. But one record still leaked to the web. You can only find the transcript in the exclusive edition of the book “Star Conflict: Stories”.

So I’m guessing that the “swarm” will just be like a combat drone/attack drone hybrid that can also do other stuff somehow? Is this at all related to my Swarm Class suggestion a while back? [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/33874-swarm-class-ship/)

hey! I want those shoes

3 minutes ago, EndeavSTEEL said:

hey! I want those shoes


I think „swarm“ is the new destroyer.

Once players make this dessy, the little people in the hangar should be given tiny crystal shoes.

20 hours ago, TheDarkRedFox said:

Once players make this dessy, the little people in the hangar should be given tiny crystal shoes.

I don’t think it would be the best decision balance-wise.