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Hello everyone! Once again this is your eternal science blog presenter Marcus Chromakeycus! The upcoming editions of my blog, ‘Weird Science! At the galaxy’s edge’ will be broadcast straight from ‘Ellydium Theta’, where I was invited by Conrad Dimeni himself, the famous scientist and the head of the station.
Today, Conrad and I have visited the famous laboratory in Block 502, compartment RG7. Yes, the same one where a group of scientists discovered the incredible properties of xenocrystals.

  • Dr. Dimeni, what are the scientists in your laboratories working on now?
  • Marcus, it’s classified information, and we would have to freeze you for 152 years. Just kidding. Some things we can not only tell you, but also show. At the moment we are exploring paradoxes in time. Well, you know, like what happens if you go back in time and marry your mother.
  • Just like that? Is it possible to go back in time?
  • Not for long - yes. Again I am kidding. It’s very difficult to return to the past. Of course, we are still conducting experiments, but there are surprising results already. Here, see for yourself.
  • It’s amazing, it’s really moved to the point where it was before!It’s incredible!
  • This is only the beginning!We are here to show you the real miracles! The thing is that singlet bosons can freely move in a hypothetical fifth dimension. This follows the so-called M-theory. Most of the physical objects in our universe are in our usual three dimensions. However, there are exceptions; and singlet bosons are exactly that. These products of decay of Higgs bosons can be made to interact with xenocrystal matter with our unique equipment. To be brief… let it be a return to the past for you.
  • Thank you, Conrad.Science can work wonders! That’s all for today. Watch us next week. This has been Marcus.Stay tuned!

To be continued




Time for temporal ships XD

It only just occurred to me that the first Ellydium interceptor is apparently supposed to release soon… and if time travel is the theme, then uninstalling I am keen.

a “time ship” will help me a lot with my Lag problems…

we really need a South America server, is hard to play with ping 300

Heh, nice move to tease one of its abilities, reminds me of Tracer or Ekko, gonna be fun.

Hold my Delorean.

23 minutes ago, ORCA1911 said:

Hold my Delorean.  Dimeni is either late or he went back to the 80’s and made another one with that era’s tech XD


The picture at the header reminds me of the Alien planet near the Ellydium base. I hope there will be changes to Open Space or Special Operations like it was mentioned here:


You can do what you want, you just make it worse and not better see your new mm. This is for the place where the sun does not appear

Nah it’s just gonna be a module that allows you to jump back to a previous point every so and so seconds.

The hardest part about doing that is just keeping track of “waypoints” marked along the ship’s active flight path and recording them for accurate teleportation.

It looks like something that will be with the elly Recon, but I can never be sure.

*booom* An asteroid has moved in your past path. Next time don’t calculate on a different time line!

But so a ‘reverse’ jump would be funny. You start at position a and then you can travel either x seconds or y km and then press the jump key to be reset to the ‘defined’ position.

Much like the Leviathan’s jump back ability in Fractured Space. It sets a warp beacon down and then can jump back to it at will.

5 hours ago, inyazserg said:

The picture at the header reminds me of the Alien planet near the Ellydium base.

The planet on the header is Earth.    ![:00555:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/00555.png “:00555:”)

Regarding the OP. I don’t really like time stuff, but if it creates fun gameplay, _for both, the attacker and the victim _and is balanced, I say let it come.

LOL… Transports are already using this technology, they are always teleporting back in time and space on O.S… Or perhaps is my 300 PING illusion ?

PLEASE!!! Server for south-america URGENT!

RamboX [BORG]

edit: don’t place your warp point in front of a object ^^

Damn NDA disallow to spoil ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)


Yeah probably the recon can jump back in time (as in back to a previous point in space).

Another possible idea is resuscitation on the battlefield? Maybe in presence of an engineer you can spawn again directly where you died or something? That could count as time travel.

The only other idea I have is a module that can slow down time for everyone except yourself, but that would be cancer. It would work a bit like a slowing-field missile, but would also affect rate of fire and cooldowns etc, but not on your own ship.

Either that or maybe the game will travel back in time to when there was no destroyers or Thar’ga… Now wouldn’t that be amazing!!

Or you could ask them to make the oldschool tournaments a permanent thing.

7 hours ago, Rob40468 said:

Damn NDA disallow to spoil ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)


There’s always a way to get round…

This is heavy. I don’t get a thing of this…