Sci-Fi books recomendations?

Hi guys,

I’m currently in mood to read some good sci fi novels, but aside from the classic ones from Asimov, Heinlein, Niven, and such 60s and 70s authors, I don’t know any good hard sci fi series.

I mean hard sci fi because the Wh40k or other brand novelizations (halo, starcraft, even the Eve ones) are cool and nice, but not what I want now.

Any suggestions? I have heard about the lost fleet and the star carrier series, but I’m not sure…

Ender’s Game

The Forever War

Commonwealth Saga & The Void Trilogy  by Peter F Hamilton

Polity Novels by Neal Asher

Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds

Golden Age if you’re into hard-sf.

i can recommend anything from Robert A. Heinlein - especially the Starship troopers or Moon is a hard mistress. 

For contemporary hard SF look at Stephen Baxter, Greg Egan or maybe the recently deceased Ian M. Banks.


Peter F Hamilton

Alastair Reynolds

Those two are excellent as well. Hamilton the most space opera type of them, who also writes non-SF (as does Banks) and it shows.

Nice recomendations guys, now I have way more than I hoped for.


Time to go to amazon shop to see what I get.

Ender’s Game is the first of a very good series. Of course there is always the Dune Series (long reads, but well worth the mundane character building in the beginning half of the book as it all comes together in the end for a great tale).


Any of the BattleTech books, but especially those by Michael Stackpole.