Need to either


  1. Add A LOT MORE.




  1. If there already are more, add some note, tooltip or guide for how to access the higher tier mission scenerios.


I mainly post this becuase even in a tech 3 ship, I cant seem to find a way to do any scenerio except the tech 1 same one Ive been doing since I started playing…

There used to be 2…but that Internation Womens Day update zapped it.  I’m so bored of Blackwood Shipyard.

And the punisher( boss) is a ultra Overpower with your 7km+ range pulsar doing 500+ damage per hit in my  interceptor

Its ok, but he has so much hp it takes forever ZzzzZZzzz

The pulsar is ok? you no play interceptor right? My speed is my defense, but speed is nothing to that overpower pulsar

Stack thermal resist and bring allies with more resist/repair buffs

On top of that, they do issue an audio warning before boss uses pulsar. Even in a slow frigate you should be able to get near or behind cover in time.

If you are repeatedly getting caught in the open then you need to change your attack plan.










Just hide out of sight.