Scenario improvements

the first time i played, i swear that i saw a big rock spining and moving, but, if was only once

this will be implanted later ? moving asteroids and some big rocks with tunnels and hollows ?

You can move small thing. Small rocks, Space junks, etc

dynamic map… that gonna crazy…

Would be a good idea tho to actually have moving maps and asteroids to fly in and out of and take cover and battle through

You can move small objects by hitting them with your fighter or by shooting at them. Some of the astroids can also be splitted in smaller pieces. But the Idea of a dynamic map is quite interresting. Its awesome to fly around in X3 TC with the asteroid rotation mod. It gives the universe a lot more reality. Maybe use them as battering ram agains a ship or beacon? ^^ Could get quite interresting if it will be implemented.

i think to use bigger asteroid as battering ram, we need bigger ship than frigate…

Sounds funny to shot asteroids through the map;)

Indeed, some dynamic elements on the maps would make everything way more interesting :smiley: (or difficult aswell?)