Scatter Gun = Frozen Game

So first I played with the scatter gun, I had some fun when I was at range. It gets harder to do much damage in a dog fight, but its good the weapon isnt perfect.

What isn’t alright is that everytime someone was hit, me or others, they would freeze and be incapable of doing anything for 2 sec. I have spoken to several players using different PCs, and nobody has said it they have been completely without frame loss when hit by the scatter gun.

This is annoying, because you have no ability to dodge the damage with good flying skills and now that you are hit once you freeze, the next shot freezes you and the next. Most of the time you will die due to frame loss.

There seriously needs to be a hot fix to reduce the effects on the frame rate when hit by the scatter gun. Thats all, wether the weapon should be removed or not… somebody else can discuss that.

I haven’t watched for this yet, but is it really a framedrop (FPS drop), or more of a net syncing stop? 


they are homing in a way, so maybe that has something to do with it, or maybe the effects, would be interesting to cycle through different graphics settings and see if you can minimize it.

That is a possibility, I think its worth testing. I’ll post if graphic settings have any effect

The same has happened since day 1 with Nukes for example. When they explode people near it experience fps drops and lag. Idk why that happens but this is basically the same. 


Literally everyone should experience this so the poll is not really needed  :004j:

It’s frame dropping. I run the game on the lowest options possible.


For high spec computers it’s no problem but on low spec computers it will be the death of you.

i have the same problem…

I have a mid spec system have lowered the settings, and still have the issue.


I support all of the duplicates of this subject in the forum. Should show the devs this needs fix before permanent implementation.


Also that is a good observation g4borg. Adding 12 tracked projectiles to a already packet loss game(servers), probably starts some issues.