SC stats



It will go further and I’ll keep updating it with every match.


So far I have had very bad luck :confused: Normally I’m doing much better, but today my bots seem utterly xxxx… A single recon bot pulled 2 of my bots completly off the map and they came back to the middle after 6 minutes, at which point I had already lost beacon hunt :confused:

First 10 battles done :slight_smile:

Result after 13 battles(taking a break)


60 loot attempts

15 military debris

6 experimental debris

1 experimental


right…the 10% rate totally fits… /sarcasm

20 battles

of loot attempts 96

of no loots 15

of grey loot 40

of militaries 26

of experimentals 9

of artifacts 1

of loyalty 5

of military debris 26

of experimental debris 8

Military loot 0

Experimental loot 1


I wonder where that 10% chance went…