SC Server Crash

Dying game and dying servers ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”) Game just crashed, like everyone had 200-300-400 ping and boom, cant connect. Been 5m already. Personal internet is fine, low ping consistently to google, speed everything else fine. 

i had just finished a game

Why no logs?


I have been getting loss today too. Thought it was on my side but don’t see any issues. I don’t actually notice the lag though. I just says loss and it even goes up to like 10% or more.


I have been seeing strange things here and there though like the escort ships are shooting at nothing and the afterburners on the transports are black squares. O.o


When I have time I will create bug reports on some things.

No lags here, make sure that nothing else use your connection and you should be fine

Most probably it was temporarily troubles on a big internet host.