says I can't make a post for 15 hrs

I’ve gotten no warnings and can’t think of any offense I may have caused.  I’ve had no contacts etc. So, why am I banned from making posts for the next 15 hrs?  Thanks in advance for repply.

oh, and by post, I mean make a comment on the posts in the lobby when waiting for a match to start… and possibly durring match, I don’t know.  I just woke up and went to play.  At the end of a match I typed gg and that’s where I saw the writing in red.  What’s up, here?  Seriously.

Should I be surprised that what I receive is a “iron curtain” of silence?

Please provide your player nickname.


You have been muted for spamming bacon into the chat.

Than it’s me and every other person. Regardless, thank you for looking into it and getting back to me. I would have had no idea and gone straight back into the bacon talk (as it’s still used constantly and humorously, on the chat). Of all the abusive and offensive comments on the global chat I had come to look forward to the creative and lighthearted uses of the word bacon. I would also have assumed there would have been some kind of warning given before the ban. Privilege or not, there is such a thing as etiquette, and a ban right off the bat is rude; plain and simple.

I hope this kind of comparatively extreme response to inoffensive comments is the exception and not the rule. On the bright side, it’ll give me a funny story to share on the radio when I do my show tomorrow. Any publicity’s good publicity, right?