Saw One vs. Precursor

Remember the suggestion I made age ago about the Precursor ship idea? The one that looks strikingly like the Saw One?

Well, I guess I finally made it in to the game! XD

It was meant to be an alien tackler, but whatever. It looks awesome! ^^

Too bad I have absolutely no resources now. I’d totally make it. X3

If you ask me, I should get it for free just bc I designed it

Hmm, maybe it wasnt your Idea, maybe it was just…

Saw One

Slave One

You know how it looks like?

Right, kinda like the Saw One.

Mystery solved.

lol. Indeed it could have been, but every idea comes from somewhere!

Trust me, I’m asset designer v2.


"-Hey concept artist, I need idea for a new ship.

-Hmm, I dont have time for this, take one of existing ships and apply random transformations.

-Ok, I get it *takes Nodachi model and rotates it by 90 degrees*

-OMG, brilliant!"