Same label on 2 different Thar'Ga modules

1. Description of the problem, what happened.

There are 2 different modules on a Thar’Ga

  1. 2nd Special module “Matter Absorber” (F module)

  2. Passive Hull module “Matter Absorber” (installed into hull slot)

and both fo those modules have same name label, it is very confusing to reference one or another while using English client. In russian client both labels are different.

See screenshots


2. What did you expected to happen.

Different names for different modules


  1. The conditions during the situation

nothing specific, just find one module in the workshop and another in Thar’ga tree


4. Further details on the issue.



5. Frequency of occurrence.



6. Logs + [screenshots](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/18799-how-to-takepost-screenshots/) or a video (Including a description of the issue, where to and how to reproduce it)