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Only personal ads for selling are allowed in this threads. Please use private messages to communicate. Messages, which are not written by the form, will be removed.
In case of numerous violations of the rules of this section, the violator may be given pre-moderation.

Mandatory message form in the topics of purchase and sale:

  1. Your ingame nickname

  2. The correct name of the item(items) for sale and the desired price

  3. Time in the UTC, when it is best to contact with you in the game or other ways of communication (if necessary).



Hull plate for Gargoyle 150 GS

Rotary gear: ‘Tempest Launcher’ R10- 12 (x2) 100 GS

Light armor plates 300 GS

Lens: Wormhole Projector R13- 15

12:00 - 20:00 (yes I have no life)

I don’t think I can go under the price limit so don’t even bother to ask for a discount.





Hull plate for Spiral x3
Hull plate for Endeavour x2
Processing Chip for Endeavour
Barrel: Overheating Laser x10
Barrel: Compression Railgun x35
Vulcan barrel x2
Taikin cabin hull x4
Atomic xenoassemblers x1
Signal Nanoreceivers x8
Taikin Instructing nanoprojectors x3
Everything is minimum price! Either PM me if i am online or just mail me what you wanna buy and offered price.


Empire destroyer activator (Vigilant)

305 pieces

Introductory price: 50K

…if it ever becomes tradable… b/c Vigilant is ugly ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)



IGN: Koromac

Contact me at anytime, when you see me online, or send me a private text message. (GMT+1)

Items available for sale at low, affordable and fair prices!



Most items have been sold. You can still contact me, though.



Rotary Gear: Tempest Launcher R13-15


9:00 - 14:00


All items for sale at minimum price.

Most valued

[Hull plate for Gargoyle]

[Processing chip for Dart]

[Tai’kin cabin interior]

[Light armor plates]

[Life support system]

[‘Dual-channel repeater’ blueprint R8-12]

[‘Disintegrator modifier’ blueprint R10-12]

Large selection of T5 weapon/modules all for sale min price. No alien stuffs left ![:005:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/005.png “:005:”)

GMT(17:00-21:00) or anytime when ya see me.


  1. xGeneStarwind

  2. [Cheat Activator] 10 million

  3. Never, we are beyond time and space

  1. ThunderBreeze

  2. Life support system x 4 Price: 300S unit
        Tai’Kin cabin interior x 1 Price: 300S unit
        Molecular xenoassemblers x 10 Price: 300S unit
        Atomic xenoassemblers x 10 Price: 300S unit
        Controlling xenobots x 10 Price: 300S unit

  3. 11am ~ midnight

PS:Nice idea this section on the forum but it would fit more if we had our own topic where we update or inventory everyday ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

Obsolete, please delete.

Hello, Nice forum!!! I really appreciate your forum. I am new to join this forum so Plz help me.

Thank you



On minimum allowed price selling the following :

R17 MK 5 upgrade for :

Kinetic supercharge X1
Dag’Tnith Launcher x2
Singularity canon X1
Flux Phaser X2
Heavy blaster X2
Phase supressor X1

R17 BP for :

Pirate mass shield generator X2
Wormhole Projector X1
Pirate engine overcharge X1
Pirate Orion targeting complex X2
Thi’Lith beam X1

Gargoyl/Dart component/module:

Reserve generator X4
Dart hull plate X4
Dart processign chip X3
Dart activator X1
Quantum railgun BP X4

Dual Channel repeater X4
Gargoyl hull plate X2
Gargoyl processign chip X3
Desintegrator modifier BP X3


Thermoactive weapon barrel X1
Isotop harvester rotatory gear X3
Empire destroyer CPU X4


3.Past 6PM can reply or post comment on my steam profile (not always in game)

  1. TastyServingOF

  2. Blueprint Granite hull plate 300gs

Blueprint Granite processing chip 300gs

  1. Usually 5pm UTC (search steam Times2006personoftheyear) for my profile.  From there we can negotiate.


Mind if i ask but how do you guys sell stuff below min price?