Salamander equipement not in the pass!?

so apparantly if you unlock eveything in both pass, you still don’t have acces to the full ship?
that mean you can spend a lot of time unlocking a ship and at the end, if you really want the full ship, you have to buy the ship again when he go in the shop?

i don’t understand why give us some stuff about the ship but not the full ship without paying a second time? you already pay for the pass but then later you have to play the deluxe of the ship if you want it full?
doesnt really make any sense

why not just give us the ship and not the equipement, why give us the ship and only half the equipement

so if you really want to play the ship fully, don’t buy the pass at all and wait for the deluxe edition, and if you already paid for the pass, well too bad you won’t have the full ship sorry hihi

Modifiers are available in workshop after battlepass ends.
This already happened with Seeress and Baphomet ones.

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that’s good to hear thank you