S. Galo : Road to Success : "booster in the top right"

Mission says buy a booster in “the top right” area of interface.  It’s not in the top right anymore.

Ahh, the devs forgot something, this is not rare.

It got changed with the last patch (release).

2 kinds of boosters: Credis & Premium

Choose one of you ships, no matter which one and look at the right of you active modules, there are your booster spots.

They changed it with the release (v.1.0), very sad.

Hope you’ll find it.

thanks for the note - forwarded to Devs

Yes, someone in game helped me.  Related issue:   S. Galo :  Superiority At All Costs : buy two booster “in the top right” …  Side point:  Boosters are kindof expensive.  And she wants me to buy 2.  And she’s giving me a reward of only 20k.  Cheapest boosters are 80k, and go up to 160k.

Actually… I can’t even buy 2 boosters unless I spend gold, I think.   The cheapest booster on the left is 200 gold.  So I don’t think I can even complete this quest.

pay for the credits one only.