S. Galo mission "Improving defensive capabilities" - issue?

So I’m trying to complete S. Galo mission “Improving defensive capabilities” where you need to gather the 50 berrylium(from PVE, PVP, co-op with 11 rank ships at max synergy) to get the 15 monocrystals.

Last night I left the game with 35 berry collected. This morning when I logged in the number was reset to 16. I did a screenshot attached.

This is happening for last three or four days I believe, maybe since last patch.


Maybe this is related to the fact “All players with neodium and beryllium ore in storage at the moment of update will have their ore reserves increased proportionally.” so every day you log in this number is reset accordingly.


Is this how suppose to be or it’s a bug?


Windows 7 64 bit



[2016.04.08 23.45.50.ZIP](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=10876)