Russian Wiki inaccurate

From the “Joker” page:


Модифицированный пиратами штурмовик “Lynx mk.II”. Оригинальные двигатели были сняты, и заменены на громоздкие, но эффективные энерго-камеры. Нос корабля был оснащен массивным лезвием, для таранных ударов, а основные орудия были перемещены, для большей подачи энергии. В целом инженеры Федерации признали что “Joker” является очень эффективным и легко ремонтируемым штурмовиком. Часто используется для отвлекающих маневров и массированных атаках с тыла.


Modified pirates attack “Lynx mk.II”. The original engines were removed and replaced with a bulky but effective energy-camera. Bow of the ship was equipped with a massive blade, for ramming, and the main guns were moved to higher energy supply. In general, engineers Federation acknowledged that the “Joker” is a very effective and easily maintainable attack aircraft. Often used for diversions and massive attack from the rear.


This is the Joker:



This is a Lynx Mk II:



And this is the Wolf, which the Joker is clearly based off:


Where did you get the rotating ship sprites? I WANT ONE!

Russian Wiki. They get all the cool stuff we’re not allowed to have.

Information is outdated everywhere. Whether its ingame descriptions or Gaijin website (there’s a link that says “Join open beta now!”)

True, but the Russian Wiki is still a lot more accurate than ours - even the T5 Premiums have background information given to them, whereas the game (and by extension, everyone who isn’t Russian) lost all the background on ships before T5 was even released!

wiki is done by volunteers, not devs. You want a wiki? talk to Funky/Error and make it.

You guys still use engrish wiki? I use google chrome on the Russian wiki and autotranslate that shiznit. Sure wording is different but you get the gist and more than enough info and statistics.

You know the worst part about the wiki? It’s that changes aren’t accompanied with the full details and pilots keep finding ninja changes that were unspoken of in the patch notes, therefore rendering any wiki edits unusable.


Besides, the wiki is incredibly poorly organized.

Who would be mad enough to volunteer for this job?

Raise your hands!

I see none, which is good.

It’s should have been developers job to implement in-game encyclopedia of Star Conflict to explain everything there with top up-to-date information.

Why would players need to go outside of the game to learn the basics?

If nothing else, there should be some kind of reward system based on in game currency, so at least, those who can and are eager to help, would help and get something in return, in that case.

Wiki is voluntary, but like I said, the game should contain all the info from within. Current tutorial practices are outdated and very poorly designed, you can even read chat from people, which I find amusing and unprofessional.


That’s all.

I volunteered but… truth be told… without accurate info, I can’t do anything useful.

I’m actually trying to do some updates to the wiki also … The broken links and missing pages are a monumental task. If more ppl would join the cause it would go along better. That’s the whole point of a wiki anyway. Many contributes collaborating to organize relivent information. Truth be told all the info is here in the forums… We just need to get it over to the wiki.

I’m currently making sure every ship has a page and background. Stats are a more long-term goal.

I volunteered but… truth be told… without accurate info, I can’t do anything useful.

I would say just post as much as you know and let others edit and add. You don’t have to have 109% of the info… Just enough that can get something started and then add to it or others submissions later. That’s pretty much what my plan is.

I am back in town, and getting back to work on the wiki soon. Please PM Error if you are interested in helping.

Well on the background front I have two concerns which need Dev feedback. The first is that a direct translation reads like it was written by a six year old so I’d like guidelines on how much we can reinterpret it into proper English. The second is there’s stuff that makes no sense (like the above, or the Shark is an ‘improvement’ on a ship three ranks higher than itself). This stuff kind of needs the Devs to step in and officially re-write the lore.