Russian Voice Over

So i know that Star Conflict has “diffrent” languages but the problem is if you change the language you change the whole UI. When i just for fun changed the language to russian (for whatever reason it was) i was amazed by the russian voice overs in comparision to the english voices.

Now the years have passed in SC but the devs still seem not to have found a way to add an option to change just the voices and keep the texts/ui at another language… i mean nowadays basicly every game has these 2 options as kind of common installment.

Even the search in the net didn´t brought up any “solution” to just change the voices… is it somewhere “confirmed” that the devs never will add such an option cus i think that it can´t be that tough to add such an option if i consider other games i have seen an played.

Do you really think this is needed? I prefer solutions for bugs. That will make happy more people.

That would require hiring voice actors for each language that is more difficult than letting us translating the texts. In the start we didn’t even had voiceovers in English when switched to other language.

Uhm… yeah and this is why the game has russian voices when i switch it to russian over steam… the voices are there already (and according to my starting time since release of the game). Sure translating may be way easier then the voices (i´m translator for another online game that is in development now) but if the files for these are already present i ask myself why i need to “change” the “whole game” to another language JUST to hear the voice from said language?

Even if i´m german i´m honestly pretty fine with english voices (cus german most of the time “screw” the immersion up) but the russian voices are even an small taste better. And that is what wonders me on this whole thing… files for the russian voices are there but no option just to change the voice while the UI has another language. And this since now nearly 3 years where the game exists.

I´m also aware the bugs and balancing should stand over every other nice feature/addition to a game but that during the whole timeframe it seems never to have been suggested or requested is something that wonders me a bit.