running other game in background while play SC will cause issue

Charactername: - DragonShadow1
What did you expect to see: - smooth mouse control.

What happened: - first time, i was play Star Conflict with other game running in background, mouse sudden freezes whenever i press any keyboard button, it will back normal when release button.

What was your last action: - during space battle match.

Is the bug reproduceable, if yes please describe how to reproduce the bug: - not sure, but i explain it anyway; only occur when other game is running in background. 


Please attach at least one screenshot or make a little video of the issue: -  

Attach the game logs from the session:   for some reason, I not permitted to attach .txt file, so i cant attach log to this.


What are your system specs: - Intel Core i7-2670QM 2.20GHz <=== (ya it sucks)

What internet connection do you have: Comcast Cable Internet.


anyway, this issue can be resolve by close any other games in background as you see in video. i just report this, so you guys have answer for similar problem as this.