RP Thread: New Eden Discussion

This thread is for discussions regarding the Roleplay Thread “New Eden” which can be found here: [http://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/24849-rp-thread-new-eden/page-3#entry290925.](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/24849-rp-thread-new-eden/page-3#entry290925.)


Anybody can post whether or not they are actively taking part in the roleplay. Questions, discussion, and plot speculation are welcome, provided it stays PG-13.

I kept wanting to post :smiley: but refrained cos of the rules.  Thanks guys, you are all making my in-game waiting time so much more fun :slight_smile:


I particularly like the green goo stuff lol.  Although I’m kinda lost, is it deadly? or did the guy coming out of the toilet make the officer drop his gun?


Keep up the good work!

the g-man and the pilot in the leather jacket are both controlled by me. the g-man didnt yet face the marshal, the gun was by the pilot (the leather jacket dude)


the leather jacket dude is my char, the g-man is just someone he wanted to meet. but he missed him, since he went to the toilet :stuck_out_tongue:

so they met in front of the toilet, when my char thought about arming himself.

And what is a g-man? gunman?



don’t tell me you didnt play half life :smiley:

sry i thought the term was obvious :smiley:

The green mist is a material that can change it’s appearance and form. It’s biological and can do many different things although the character “Efefay” doesn’t know it yet. It killed the Marshall not the G-man or the leather jacket man

ah that one i didnt get too. but dont forget the marshal had two armed guards behind him :smiley:


i edited my post to take up these changes.

Yea Efefay killed the marshall at post #45

Don’t have time right now, but I’ll post later this evening with Beroya’s reaction to the gun being thrown at him. Also, that mist-ring Efefay gave Ari is going to do something strange.


Also, that mist-ring Efefay gave Ari is going to do something strange.


What, like give her green tentacles? :smiley:

Don’t give spoilers xD

What, like give her green tentacles? :smiley:


No. But to be honest, the first time Efefay pulled it out and used it on Ari without warning, I was… deeply concerned. I still feel slightly violated.

Be glad my character didn’t buy twizzlers.

Yeah, it was quite unexpected and slightly disturbing.

BTW it must be so disturbing to have two guys chattering away in your head :smiley: But I like it how you guys all remembered about the implants, which in a way are a very important part of Star Conflict, despite the recent change to “crews”, so that the devs can extract money from us.

My assumption is that level and quality of implants varies a lot. The 10-15 implant pilots in game would represent the top end of implant users; most people wouldn’t use them, and most pilots would only have one or two basic upgrades.

Just read your last post, Efefay, that’s cheating! XD  You can’t bring someone back to life, or that thing is OP!  You need to go craft a duplicator to be able to do that…

The dude was never dead… Read again broseph.

The dude was never dead… Read again broseph.

I see now, only unconscious.

Loving the “personal emergency barrier” XD

I reckon the T-Rex is going to make it out of the hangar and will face torp the Federation interceptors that want to stop it, killing them… (the Federation has not yet developed the Emergency Barrier it seems XD)

The federatio inty is razor?