Roster Bug

Ok whenever I re-log half my corp says they logged off the same minute before I logged in, I’m on mac version. this has happened before long time ago but only with a few pilots in my old corp. It seems since the 1.0 update to be worse, As only a few in roster this seemed to affect before. I can try and re-download game, being Ceo and not being able to tell when last logged is an annoying problem

Is this affecting anyone on other versions?

I can get other info if needed, and screenshot if ppl tell me no work. mine says


Currently using : late 2011 mbp mac osx lion 10.7.5, 2.4 Ghz intel core i5


Dammit I don’t know if screenshots worked…


[Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 12.12.13 PM.bmp](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=8122)

Try using a picture editing software to change the screenshot to .bmp format, then upload it as an attachment and put it onto the post. When it is finished, others can at least see the screenshot after downloading it. 

use imgur

It’s not you’re computer, that’s for sure. I’ve had the bug too after update 1.0

Been like this for a couple of days.


Not helpful.

been like this for a few weeks

I have the same issue running windows 7. It is the same with my friends list and followed list too.