Ronin Visual Bug

1. Strange visual animation appears when flying with the Ronin.

2. I did not expect any visual distortion to happen.

  1. It happens when I am flying in open space. (I did not test it in other game modes.) A strange animation appears on both sides of the ship at the same time when the Ronin’s animated parts starts doing their waving effect. However, it does not appear if I zoom in on the ship. It only works if the camera is zoomed out to the maximum (or almost maximum). It works the same way if I use free view.

4. I used different quality and resolution settings and each time the same happened.

5. Each time I used Ronin in open space.

6. Logs and screenshots are attached.

  1. Around 5:45 PM, Friday, 8/26/2016 CET

8.  DxDiag is attached.

ronin bug.zipDxDiag.txt




Yeahhhhhhh I saw this when I was watching Rakza play once. Kinda surprised me.

It’s got arms!!!

2 hours ago, millanbel said:

It’s got arms!!!

Looks more like flappy wing things to me.

What if I told you the big ball is in fact an Egg and what you just saw was a baby Phoenix flapping his wing for the first time?

14 hours ago, Rakza said:

What if I told you the big ball is in fact an Egg and what you just saw was a baby Phoenix flapping his wing for the first time?

You mean it’s a 2-in-1 deal? Nice!

We can’t reproduce it. How to do it?

I don’t really do anything special. I undock from the station, zoom out the camera to the maximum, fly around a little and then it just starts.

The problem is with the moving parts. Those little pieces on both sides fold out and create a strange moving effect. But again, it appears only when I zoom out to maximum and stops if I try to zoom closer.

I think I found out what causes this bug. The afterburner triggers this. It only appears if I use the afterburner and zoom is on maximum distance.


You guys mind fixing the main thrust because its off center when moving forward.