Road to Success (Buy booster)

Hi. Just started and it tells me to buy a booster. The only ones i see are those “add.devices” which cost 200+.


If those are meant,


  1. How am i supposed to buy any of those with 190 standards i have

  2. Why the hell should i, if i get only 20 standarts for it?

you can buy a credit one i think instead

Uhm, how? i can only see the ones for cash

There are 2 booster slots. The one of the left are the GS ones, there is another slot on the right where you can buy credit boosters.

Tutorials are in need of improvement, methinks…

The CDB Academy will get to that eventually. Next video explains how to switch gear and upgrade gear.

It’s obv dvlprs wn’t gt to it. Thy dn’t cr.