rich asteroïdes

hi, it’s me or it’s much harder to kill rich asteroïdes ? i mean, before, it was maybe too easy, ok, but now, it’s almost impossible to get a great extraction, rarely a good one, bc most of time they just explode…also they are very often near enemies who kill it instead of me…strangely, i can kill properly almost all other…or maybe it’s bc lags, that i get (too) often too ? doubt i exchanged my weapon, maybe too powerfull, but it’s the same problem. with a less one.

it’s really, really too hard, and os isn’t funny anymore…

I checked it and I do not see any change. HP seems unchanged and great extractions are still easy. It’s probably lags, they easily can make asteroid mining a frustrating experience. Everything else depends on the weapon. My advice is to use something that can bump heat by ~25% per hit.

I just wish the heat indicator actually updated in real time instead of like once per second.

thanks for your answers. Yes you are both right… also, lags are really annoying farming asteroïds… ![:(](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/003j.png “:(”) and there’s MANY !