Reworking Station Protection

A reworking of some of my previous suggestions to try and create a system that is a little more sensible.


Put simply, Station Protection would be changed as follows:


Protection and other players:

  • If you are in a Protected Sector and have Protection active, then all players count as allies. You cannot harm allied ships, their auras apply to you and your auras apply to them.
  • If you are in a Protected Sector and have Protection disabled, then all Protected players count as allies. Non-Protected players are neutral, and function as they do in PvP sectors.

Protection and NPCs:

  • If you are in a Protected Sector and have Protection active, all Guards, Military Police, Escorts and Civilian ships count as allies.
  • If you are in a Protected Sector and have Protection disabled, or are in a non-Protected Sector, all Guards, Military Police, Escorts and Civilian ships are neutral.

It’s not a huge change, but it does give us more consistent colouring of units (blue = allied, not “allied unless you are in a PvP sector”), and it also means that on the safe sectors it’s a lot easier for players to get together and work together.

Sounds almost exactly like it is now. The colouring would definitely help, but I’m not sure about the auras. Perhaps if auras only apply to other protected ships? The distinction becomes finer, but it makes life a bit harder for non-protected pilots, as it should be.

It is very similar to how it is now. The main difference is that it makes the protected sectors a little more forgiving, and makes it clearer which ships you can and cannot hurt in general.

Of course. As it is, though, the protected sectors are extremely difficult to die in if you know what you’re doing.


I’d still insist on auras only applying from protected ships to protected ships, though. Unprotected ships should feel almost the same in protected and unprotected sectors. They get the bonus of safety from protected players harming them, but ought not to get the bonus of any healing or resists that random folk project.

“If you know what you are doing” is the point. Not everyone does.

Moreover, I was flying T4 ships in a R1 system when Bios attacked and I took a major beating. There is no way a low-tier ship could survive that without serious help. This suggestion might at least give them a fighting chance if other players are around.

I wasn’t aware that Bios could attack R1 systems. If a low tier ship is looking for an easier time beating biomorphs there, then they ought to have station protection on. That way, they’d get help from police and other protected ships in the area. If a low tier ship with station protection off is still looking at killing biomorphs, then tough!


I think players looking to kill biomorphs and pirates/cartel/cybers ought to have the option of whether or not to accept help from other players. If auras only apply from protected ships to protected ships, then the option is open instead of being forced upon them.

And, of course, players should also have the option of helping other players fight. If Alice kills a whole bunch of police and Bob doesn’t like that, but is currently under attack from some cartel ships, then he doesn’t really have the option to turn his auras off to stop helping Alice. But, again, if auras only apply from protected ships to protected ships, then the option is still open.


Besides, it’s not like station protection is a binding decision or something. If someone made a mistake and realizes that they need help, or that they don’t want help any more, then they can just go to options and change their settings.

You don’t understand how station protection works, clearly.

Currently, no player can help you (ie: buff or heal) unless they are in your squad. Players can help fight, but they can’t see you unless you are in sensor range (and as most people fly frigates that’s very short) and so a big chunk of what makes teamwork work - the synergy of ship classes - does not apply.

My suggestion makes it apply. Commands could buff friendlies; Engineers could heal them; Recons could see they are in trouble from the other side of the map and Microwarp in to help.

In short, it aims to put teamwork into what is currently a mostly solo mode.

But don’t forget that pilots without station protection are not necessarily friendly. In fact, one of the upshots of not having station protection is to be able to kill police, which would otherwise be killing hostiles, which would otherwise be killing players, with or without protection. There is in fact good reason not to buff these people if you’re in station protection mode, because their actions can make life slightly harder for you. On the other hand, being able to buff other players that do have station protection would make life a bit easier, so that would be a good suggestion. My only objection to your suggestions would be that sharing buffs between protected and non-protected ships is simply a bad idea. Keeping the lack of ability to harm or be harmed in a protected ship is great. Sharing buffs between protected ships is also great.


Teamwork is good. Forcing teamwork between people is bad. That’s for PvP and PvE. Open space, given your suggestions, would be the same, and right now, it’s the only place where I can be as much of a selfish xxxxxxx as I want to be.

I have tested the mechanics myself. If you turn Station Protection off then you can neither hurt, nor be hurt by other players who still have Station Protection on even if you have criminal status.


If you want to be selfish, then you have three options under my system:


  1. Go beyond Station Protection - unprotected systems work exactly as they do now.

  2. Fly unprotected and beat up other unprotected pilots.

  3. Ignore everyone around you in an unprotected area.


Remember, this suggestion isn’t “forcing” much at all. You aren’t forced to help people. People can’t drag you into taking part in events you don’t want to. They can’t stop you doing what you want. Just because you can see a ship 8km away who looks like they’re struggling with pirates doesn’t mean you are forced to go help them; it just means it’s easier for you if you choose to do so.

Thank you for your suggestions. We would consider.