Rewards for winning corporation battles


Pilots! We remind you that all corporations have the opportunity to declare war on other corporations and show who is stronger!


To participate in corporation battles, corporations need to provide defence to their pilots. Corporation defence is restored with corporate iridium, and with a zero value of defence, wars become unavailable to the corporation.


The corporation that won the war gets corporate Iridium, in accordance with the contribution made to the victory, and partially regains its protection, while all corporation pilots get a special reward — the Clan War Victory Container.


The container for winning the clan war contains one item from the list:

  • Unique ship pattern “Geometric Camo 1”


  • Unique ship pattern “Geometric Camo 2”


  • Decor “Eagle”
  • Decor “Antlers”
  • Decor “Horn”
  • Monocrystals
  • Xenocrystals
  • Internal structures
  • Deflector block
  • Computing Systems
  • Engine block
  • External ship structures

Yours truly,

Star Conflict Team