Rewarding players that PLAY?!?!

Well it seems that the devs have listened to our pleas! They are implementing things that reward players that actually play the game, and not pay for! I’ve checked on my alt account and the Nyx does not show up on the ship tree, and just now, one of the devs have said that the new weapons are for us to keep, and will NOT be put in to stores!! This is a miracle!

This also proves that it is possible for people to own ships that “don’t exist” to other players!

This means that when I get my Hunter, it won’t be that big of a deal, and they can put in in any faction! X3

Wait so are the weapons mission time limited?

Just wait for 1.2 patch

You’ll get Nyx in DLC for 20€

Yes, weapons are time limited.

Also, the Nyx doesn’t even show up at all in the ship tree of players that didn’t get it, so I highly doubt that they will be adding it as a buyable ship. This would also contribute to the P2Wness of the game, as it has a hilarious crit bonus. I have asked though.

Don’t worry, the Nyx is so bad it will hardly be any P2W.

Yes, weapons are time limited.


Dam thanks for telling me! Gotta farm then!

Eagle b has 40% critical anyway :smiley:



Why can’t you just be happy about getting new content in game… instead of being happy that others won’t get it :confused:

nice mindset