Reward not received : Iridium

The title is kindly referred.

1. Description of the problem, what happened.

      Problem encounter when finishing my assignment (Empire:Victories)

2. What did you expected to happen.

       50 Iridium as a reward for the assignment did not count to my cumulative iridium count

  1. The conditions during the situation.

       I was just press complete button and as i was about to purchase some box in the store i found that my iridium count does not increase

4. Further details on the issue.

       It is happened around 16:15 +8 GMT as seen in screenshot

5. Frequency of occurrence.

       This has happened twice to me in a week. although i cannot provide my first encounter details because i thought this going to be solve after i restart the game.

6. Logs + [screenshots](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/18799-how-to-takepost-screenshots/) or a video (Including a description of the issue, where to and how to reproduce it) 

        Logs and screenshot have been attached

  1. If possible, the time when it happend. In this case we will be able to look more closely to the server logs. Also mention your time zone.

         16:15 +8 GMT


I hope you can took this matter into solution.

All gesture is greatly appreciated.




It’s a corporate iridium, not for personal use.

5 hours ago, Skula1975 said:

It’s a corporate iridium, not for personal use.

There should also be the contract for personal use of Iridium.

The only bug here is that corporate contract still works, even when you’re not in the corporation.


When you’re not in a corporation, such contract should not appear or count.