Reward bonuses inconsistent

This is primarily addressed to the dev team.


It seems that the xp bonuses on the ships that moved from Tier 1 to Tier 2 is pretty out of whack compared to the ‘native’ Tier 2 ships. Case in point with the Empire:


Rank 4 Ships:

Dvergr Knight (was Tier 1): +15% reward bonus.

Hercules Arrow (was Tier 1): +15% reward bonus.

Iron Harpy (was Tier 1): +15% reward bonus.

Deimos (native Tier 2): +45% reward bonus.


Rank 5 Ships:

Dwarf (was rank 4): +65% reward bonus.

Steel Harpy (was Tier 1): +22% reward bonus.


Similar problems can be seen in the Federation and Jericho ships; vessels of supposedly equal rank can have over twice as much reward bonus as their rivals, for seemingly no reason.


I assume this will be fixed in an upcoming patch?

Maybe they just forgot to change the text. It would be nice to know if it’s just a text discrepancy, or if it actually affects the game.