Reward Bonus - How does it work?

I understand that award bonus will add multiples to XP/Credits given on a particular scenario.  How does this work though with more than one ship?


Example you have a Bear with 175% reward bonus, and say another ship with 95%.  Does it average these out?  Does it depend on what ship you’re in when the round ends?  Or is it more complex and adjusts during game play depending on what ship you’re in?

I really would like how the reward system works aswell,possible dev answer ?


This is how I understand it. You get the max reward bonus of the ships you actually used in the battle. If you have both the 95% and 175% in the hangar but only used the 95% you get 95%. If you used the 175% or both you get 175%.


Also, I think the double rewards on first win is actually +100%, not 2x. So if you use a 175% ship you get +275% of base rewards.

Blarp…still slightly hazy.