Reverse Thrusters on Engis

This is a must. instead of engis being toast, they can escape. reverse thrusters should also reduce firing range by 20%

i am playing with you right now. when did you have time to do this?

No thanks (coming from an engie pilot). If I wanted to be able to get away like that I would use a warp gate and simply turn and warp. But that module slot is more useful for healing auras and stations, and for giving energy to my team. Also I would rather be with my team helping them than 5k away in “safety”…

haha efefay, i did this in like 20 seconds while i was waiting to come in xD.


when did you have time for your post?

or… you could just load your warp gate and use it like the rest of the escape artists… just saying.

Not needed at all. As an engie pilot, there is no need for the RT to be an engie module. If you really want an escape route, use the warp gate. In most cases, if you are in a situation that you need to retreat from, you are in the wrong spot. Engies should not be on the front lines, but slightly behind the front lines. Close enough where you can heal the frontlines, but far enough where players either A) won’t target you, or B) you have some leeway for your team to intercept pilots who come for you. 

I don’t support, they have warp gates.

warp gate can be used for a team; the engi is a team player.


also, none of the engi playstyles really benefit from this, so, no need for this.

NO. I need to be in the battle doing damage and healing as long as possible. If I die it’s because I was focused or out of position…and I dislike safety.

Plain ole  JUST SAY NO !!!

No. Here’s a better reason why.


Engies are the most important ship on your team.  Therefore, your team needs to protect them as best as they can.  If you think your engie might die, then stop trying to push the enemy back, and defend your engineer.  There are some ships that an engie simply cannot kill easily, but you, as the defender, can kill.  So while you are correct that engineers need to stop being “toast” all the time, it is more or less the team’s fault when they go into the toaster.