Returning Veteran looking for Corporation

I left the game almost a year ago, and since then have decided to return and give it another chance.


I’ll join any corporation regardless of affiliation, tier, or skill.  (but preferably English and Federation)

As long as the President and VPs don’t leave-and-never-come-back, like previous ones I’ve been in.


I’d like to fly with somebody, my friends are giving most of their time to FPSs, and I seem to be flying alone more and more.


Before it was reset to 500, my skill level used to be in the 1400s, but that was back when the “average” skill was 1000.  I’ll follow orders, carry the team, and/or die like everybody else. (I will update the screen shot as play with this new skill system)

I’ll use any ship and tier, but I prefer tacklers and I’m currently only have one T5 ship.


Unlike some of my friends, I do not and will not curse or swear.  For some of you that’s a plus, others its not.


Familiar but not confident with TeamSpeak or Overwolf.


 I play through Steam, username “Huang”


I’d prefer you to message me in-game, as I don’t check the forums too frequently; although if you really need someone for something, messaging both would be good too.


Unfortunately, real-life demands a lot of my time, I’ll guarantee that I will be online at least twice a week. (it’ll probably be the weekends)


I live in the US Central Time Zone


I don’t speak Russian, please don’t ask.


NASA could use some experienced pilots, and your stats seem to be close to what we are looking for. We can whip you back up in to shape in no time.

Welcome back!

U could join Ultra. We are english speaking. What is most important is that u show up on teamspeak. If interested u can contact me in game Username is the same as forum.

I’ve seen you around, you’re pretty good. Good luck with whatever corporation you pursue. :slight_smile:

Finniric Incorporated is hiring. Went through a bit of a shake-up but have come through the other side just fine, so I doubt we’re going to roll over and die anytime soon. We’ve got a broad spread of new and veteran pilots, and are eager to have someone with your skill.


Here’s the website if you feel like applying. Or you can PM me ingame.

Oh, and since we’re currently in a recruitment drive, please mention that I’m the one who hired you. :stuck_out_tongue:


I believe I recognize you from Dynamis right before we fell apart, no? That and your reference to CEOs disappearing an never coming back…

Try Planetary Dynamics if you want. We pretty much fit your bill. I got a headache…