Returning Player, What's up?

The last time I played this game, there was a christmas event and these big clan ships just released, they were supposed to be  these big things that clans could make to use in some sort of Pvp? Wasn’t sure, I never got a high enough rank to play them.

I also remember it being after Aliens attacked a bunch of things apparently? Its hard, but I do remember a christmas event with some lady that gave christmas missions.


So what all is new since then? I saw there is a new class of ship in addition to the 3 we have (Or least from what I can gather from the rather unhelpful patch notes), but is there anything else significant? I mained Federation engineers, with little progress in other things.

Destroyers, changed module upgrade system and now new nation with own station and unbalanced ship line. Few more secret project ships. Alien hybrid weapons and modules. Premium ships that can be assembled for free if you are patient enough, with own set of unique abilities, weapons and active modules. 3 of normal ships have alternate effect special module, earned the same way. New PvP mode and two PvE missions. A few more PvP maps. Soon: blueprint and Dart & Gargoyle ship parts trading.

Otherwise bundles, bundles and bundles.

Dreadnought battles are from r7.