Returning newbie with camera/aim question

I’m finally returning to this game after a long time (even though I’ve only played it a few hours ever), and there’s something I just can’t ignore. When the mouse is moved to aim/fly in whatever direction, the aim reticle stays in the same spot, allowing one’s ship to keep on and keep on turning until it’s manually realigned to the center of the screen. This bugs me greatly because I’m used to movement where the vehicle snaps to the reticle and continues from there (e.g. War Thunder, Elite Dangerous). Is there any way to change this that I’ve somehow missed? This’s put quite the damper on my experience.

The closest thing to that is destroyer aim, but the ship itself doesn’t turn after the marker, only the weapons do, and it’s not a class you want to main at this point, for the way the game works, this is a better way of aiming.

Unlike Warthunder, here you will need to constantly turn at high speeds in dogfights, especially on smaller ships, not just criss-cross every now and then.