“Return to Eden” special operation panorama



At the end of last year, Ellydium strengthened its fleet with the latest experimental dreadnought. The new flagship was to demonstrate the strength of the corporation and its financial capabilities to all competitors in the fringe sectors. 


But during its first flight, the crew of the ship was faced with big problems. From the campaign, which was planned as a cakewalk and a show of force, the ship returned badly damaged. And the successful return of the Dreadnought was only possible thanks to the help that the mercenaries provided. 


The dreadnought not only encountered a previously unseen enemy that dealt heavy damage to the ship but also the betrayal of old friends. 



After the latest Ellydium dreadnought “Defiant” managed to return to its base at the “Pilgrim-11” complex, the data it received were processed by the specialists of the corporation. It turned out that in the first experimental flight the dreadnought faced a new kind of crystallid, called the “Devourer”, for its incredible size, features and firepower. It seems that we saw a sample of new alien technologies. Perhaps some kind of crystallid and bione hybrid. The scientists of the Ellydium Corporation cannot stand aside and are assembling a new Expedition to the Devourer’s habitat. 


The UMC, on behalf of Ellydium, announces a special contract for the protection of an expedition to all mercenaries. The contract is valid for groups of 10 to 12 pilots. The pilots’ task is to cover the Dreadnought “Defiant” for the time necessary for scientists to obtain scientific data. Act together with the team of the dreadnought, that previously met with the monster and survived! Good luck!