Return of The Infamous Drone Pooper

Some fun from todays games.

Drone pooper?

Not much drone pooping there

:smiley: i’m posting this because my high ping reason for losing was not believable when we lost to OWL and i find it ironic that they pulled the same excuse i had but theirs is good enough when i had 40% packet loss and well over 200 ping with disconnects (which they didn’t have) 

lol, why dont you post the games before that :wink:

lol, why dont you post the games before that :wink:

why would he post anything that doesnt make his ego bigger? :wink:

I never understand people that feel obligated to pm after a game with excuses “bad ping, bad team, blah blah”, w/e loss is loss no matter what happened, move on and come back next game, even if someone from a winning team starts to trash talk to you, don’t come back with excuses, trash talk them down so they run away ashamed, simple. 


I think we could all do with less trash talk. At least i could.

Online games wouldn’t be the same without trash talking, we shouldn’t lose our roots.

I don’t send trash talk pms 95% of the time XD Though I do rant in the chat about teams when I don’t stop getting angry about things that happened in the battle ;p

dats da whole point of enemy clans. trash talk. 


it’s no fun if u don’t have at least 1 enemy clan. Fortunately, RadiX has plenny so lots of fun here.