Return holoship missiles?

I remember for the longest time one of my favourite ways to play in pve was as a recon, but specifically, either the swarm or the sai. The reason for this was holoship summons; it filled a niche playstyle remniscient of the Mesmer in Guild Wars 2, a frail, highly mobile mass-summoner with weak but damaging summons that shared that fragility. It also meant as a recon, I could still contribute meaningfully to team dps on top of spreading out incoming damage for the team; I actually bought Sai specifically for this, because I found it so enjoyable. Between homing missiles and a1ma, I could have a lot of fun as a squishy recon summoner.


However, I’ve found recently that hologram ships no longer use their secondary slot weapon; missiles, mines, and rockets. I imagine this was done as a pvp nerf but it impacts the enjoyability of pve too; thus, if it’s not too much to ask, could this functionality be returned in pve? Furthermore I’ve found that the ‘triumvirate’ holograms and the basic holoship now set eachother’s cooldowns off, likely a nerf for similar reasons; I’d ask that it be fixed too, but I imagine that’ll be more likely to stay as is. However between these two my Sai feels gutted, and my favourite playstyle gone. If you can, please bring back the fun of these guys! ;u;


But whether things return or not, thanks for the fun thus far, though. It was a really enjoyable playstyle while it lasted. <3

Yeah the holoship missile removal was a thing because of PvP. There was chicken Tai’kins and the whatnot in high rank PvP that’d slot doomsday missiles that effectively never ran out since the Ai didn’t have an effective catridge reload or anything and instead just fired the missile shortly after spawning.


On the other end there was players like me intentionally abusing it on ships like the Sai because it was stupid broken being able to volley out 4 missiles in under 3 seconds on a recon even if they had reduced damage.